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CPETT Consultation
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Child First Replication

Helping children and their families heal from the damaging effects of stress and trauma

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Training and Consultation

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CPETT can provide mental health consultation for groups or for individual cases. Learn more

Individual Case Consultation

Individual Case Consultation

A CPETT Clinician or Supervisor engages another service provider in the community about the social-emotional health of a child that is not currently enrolled in the Child First program. The conversation is largely focused on areas of challenge for the child or family to promote the social-emotional health of the child (not on care coordination or identifying resources for the family). Consultations last a minimum of 15 minutes. Referral to Child First is not a requirement for this service


Reflective Group Consultation

Reflective Group Consultation

CPETT Clinicians can facilitate reflective group consultation among a variety of community providers who work with infants and young children. Participants learn from each other’s work, deepen their understanding of cases, obtain support from one another and practice reflection with others. The duration of group meetings is at least 1 hour.



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